Python Agent

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Scout APM

Scout’s Python agent supports many popular libraries to instrument SQL queries, template rendering, HTTP requests and more. The package is called scout-apm on PyPI. Source code and issues can be found on our scout_apm_python GitHub repository.


scout-apm requires :

Instrumented Libraries

Scout provides instrument for most of the popular Python libraries. Instrumentation may require some configuration (Django) or is automatically applied (Requests) by our agent.

Some configuration required

The libraries below require a small number of configuration updates. Click on the respective library for instructions.

Additionally, Scout can also instrument request queuing time.

Automatically applied

The libraries below are automatically detected by the agent during the startup process and do not require explicit configuration to add instrumentation.

Deprecated support

The following libraries were instrumented in previous version of the scout_apm package, but are no longer supported. You can instrument these yourself or pin an earlier version of the agent. (scout-apm=2.26.1).
This version of scout-apm also supports legacy Python versions including 2.7 and < 3.8

You can instrument your own code or other libraries via custom instrumentation. You can suggest additional libraries you’d like Scout to instrument on GitHub.

Below are database drivers that SQLAlchemy and Django integrate with that we support:

Updating to the Newest Version

pip install scout-apm --upgrade

The package changelog is available here.