Ruby Agent


Our Ruby agent supports Ruby on Rails 2.2+ and Ruby 1.8.7+. See a list of libraries we auto-instrument.

Memory Bloat detection require Ruby 2.1+.

Scout APM 4.0.0+ requires Ruby 2.1+. If you’re using a Ruby version lower than 2.1, you can still use Scout APM 2.6.10.


See our setup page on how to get setup in under 3 minutes in your local, staging and/or production environment.


The latest version of scout_apm is

1. Ensure your Gemfile entry for Scout is: gem 'scout_apm'

2. Run bundle update scout_apm

3. Re-deploy your application.

The gem version changelog is available here.

Instrumented Libraries

The following libraries are currently instrumented:

Additionally, Scout can also instrument request queuing time.

You can instrument your own code or other libraries via custom instrumentation.