Custom Context: For better insights into your traces, as well as addition filtering on the trace explorer page, we highly suggest adding custom context. See our docs for Ruby, Python, PHP and Elixir.

Trace Transactions

Scout collects detailed transactions across your web endpoints and background jobs automatically. The transaction traces provide a number of visual queues to direct you to hotspots. Dig into bottlenecks - down to the line-of-code, author, commit date, and deploy time - from this view.

transaction traces

SQL Queries

Scout captures a sanitized version of SQL queries. Click the “SQL” button next to a call to view details.

stream show sql

Don’t see an SQL button next to a database query?

Scout collects a sanitized version of SQL queries and displays these in transaction traces. To limit agent overhead sanitizing queries, we do not collect query statements with more than 16k characters.

Code Backtraces

You’ll see “CODE” buttons next to method calls that are >= 500 ms. If you’ve enabled the GitHub integration, you can see the line-of-code, associated SQL or HTTP endpoint (if applicable), author, commit date, and deploy time for the relevant slow code.

stream show git

If you don’t enable the GitHub integration, you’ll see a backtrace.

Trace Views

There are two displays for showing the details of a transaction trace:

Summary View

Method calls are aggregated together and listed from most expensive to least expensive. The time displayed is the total time across all calls (not the time per-call).

stream show breakdown

Timeline View

See the execution order of your code.

trace timeline

Trace Explorer

What was the slowest request yesterday? How has the app performed for Which endpoints are generating the bulk of slow requests? Trace Explorer lets you quickly filter the transaction traces collected by Scout, giving you answers to your unique questions.


Trace Explorer is accessed via the “Traces” navigation link when viewing an app.

How to use Trace Explorer

There are two main areas of Trace Explorer: