Setting up Okta

Once you have reached out to Scout to enable SAML for your account:

1. Okta Setup

In the Okta admin, create a new SAML Application:

Application Name: ScoutAPM

Single Sign on URL:

Check “Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL”

Uncheck “Allow this app to request other SSO URLs”

Audience URI: Scout

Relay state left blank

Name ID format: Email Address

Application Username: Email

Save the metadata from Okta to a file (an XML document with your entity id, login url and certificate)

2. Scout Setup

Only the Scout org owner can change the SSO settings.

Log into Scout with your password

Go to the org admin screen, and select ‘SSO Settings’

Upload the metadata.xml file

3. Try it!

In Okta, assign users to the new Scout application. Any users that Scout does not recognize will auto-create on first login.

Log out of Scout

On the login screen, after entering your email you’ll see a ‘Login with SAML’ option, which will redirect you to Okta for authentication, and back to Scout.