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Common Issues

Common issues while getting started:

Unable to launch the core agent

The Scout PHP agent attempts to automatically download and launch the core-agent binary. The most common issue with the core agent is that the default directory the Scout agent uses does not have the correct permissions for downloading and launching the core agent. The solution for this is to create or identify an appropriate directory that the PHP agent can use to download and execure the core agent, and indicate that in the core_agent_dir configuration directive.

All of the core agent configuration options can be found here

You can find more in-depth information on the core agent here

Additional Instrumentation with the PHP Extension

The Scout APM PHP Extension allows instrumentation of internal PHP functions that can’t be done in regular PHP. While it is optional, in order to get the full amount of instrumnted library support out of the box, you may want to install the Scout PHP Extension. The Scout PHP Extension adds instrumentation for:

It is easily installed via PECL or can be manually compiled and installed

Compiling cURL support (Scout PHP Extension)

You will need the correct cURL libraries installed prior to compiling the Scout PHP Extension. Please refer to the extension’s Readme for details.

Log Verbosity

In order to assist in troubleshooting and installation, the Scout PHP agent is extremely verbose by default. Once you have the Scout PHP agent working, you will likely want to reduce the log verbosity levels. Instructions can be found here

Debug Logs

To set Scout’s log level to debug, set the log_level configuration to debug.

Scout’s log level defaults to the same log level as the LoggerInterface provided, if you aren’t seeing debug log levels from Scout, you will need to lower your LoggerInterface’s log level as well.


In some cases, debug level logs from the PHP agent may not be enough, and trace level core-agent logs may be needed.

Request Payloads

In certain cases, knowing the payload that is being sent to the core agent is useful for debugging. To capture the payload (the request), set SCOUT_LOG_PAYLOAD_CONTENT=true