Installing and Configuring the OpenTelemetry Collector

The scope of the OpenTelemetry project encompasses how telemetry data is collected, processed, and transmitted. The OpenTelemetry project is not involved with how the data is stored, displayed, or used beyond the collection and transmission phases. Read to learn about installing and configuring the OpenTelemetry collector! Read more

Configuring OpenTelemetry in Python

Interested in the new open-source project OpenTelemetry? Check out this post on how to configure OpenTelemetry in a python application. Read more

Why API Monitoring is a Business Necessity

This article will discuss, API Monitoring, the definition of APIs and how they would affect your business if there is a failure, and how to protect APIs or your services. Read more

Monolithic Applications: A Relic of the Past?

In software development, the monolith architecture has successfully seen the design and development of applications. However, we’ve seen a significant change and adaptation of microservice architecture patterns in the last few years. Learn why! Read more

4 Best Practices for Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is one of such well-tested strategies to help you handle issues as they occur. Root cause analysis focuses on determining the root cause of a problem before working towards a solution. Read more

Popular Python Design Patterns

What makes Python Design Patterns so popular? Learn why Python is one of the world's most popular programming languages and how to build efficient and scalable applications. Read more

Kubernetes Basics: Clusters, Pods, and Nodes

Containerization and Kubernetes have taken the DevOps world by storm in the past decade. So, what is Kubernetes made of and how can you benefit from this technology? Read more

Instrumenting Your Custom Application Code with OpenTelemetry

Application monitoring/tracing is an important piece of Observability within your application and stack. In this post, we’ll cover what types of instrumentation are available, why it’s important to add your own instrumentation, how to enrich those traces with context, as well as which places in your code you should add custom instrumentation. Read more

The Real Benefits of HTTP Monitoring for Businesses

HTTP is one of the most popularly used protocols on the internet. The HTTP protocol is the basis for the World Wide Web or the tangible, visible part of the internet. Check out this blog on HTTP Monitoring! Read more

10 Popular Design Patterns for Ruby on Rails

Design patterns are some of the best practices you should follow while composing your application’s code architecture to be able to maintain it better in the future. Design patterns also help reduce resource leaks and common mistakes since you must follow a pre-tested style of designing your codebase. Check out these 10 popular design patterns! Read more

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