OpenTelemetry Architecture: Understanding Collectors

This post explores the OpenTelemetry collector architecture, specifically focusing on the Collectors component. We'll look at how collectors work and how they can be used to process telemetry data from any system or application. Read more

Slow Application? Here’s What to Do

Getting to the bottom of a slowdown becomes a tedious exercise of pointing fingers and going down the rabbit hole. Even worse is if it affects a business’ customers. Learn how to diagnose a slow application! Read more

What is Response Time Analysis?

As a software developer, once you have ensured your application's overall quality, robustness, and reliability, its acceptance and reputation among users depend primarily on how fast and responsive it is. Learn more about the importance of response time! Read more

How to Optimize Laravel Application Performance

Developing software is hard to keep up with. Learn how to optimize Laravel application performance with these top tricks from our brilliant team members! Read more

How to Increase PHP Memory Limits

There are ways to increase the memory limit of the whole website or a particular script without any expert help like using php.ini file, .htacess file, etc. In this blog, we discuss the various strategies for increasing memory limit and the benefits of increasing the memory limit of your PHP application. Read more

Error Monitoring - The Necessary Application Feature

To err is human. The process of software development can’t be error-free; fixing errors is part and parcel of building software applications. Learn why error monitoring is the most necessary application feature! Read more

Get Started with Python Error Reporting

This article explains how to get started with error monitoring of your python application, what are the important criteria you should consider while monitoring, and the difference between available tools and Scout APM for python error monitoring. Read more

Installing and Configuring the OpenTelemetry Collector

The scope of the OpenTelemetry project encompasses how telemetry data is collected, processed, and transmitted. The OpenTelemetry project is not involved with how the data is stored, displayed, or used beyond the collection and transmission phases. Read to learn about installing and configuring the OpenTelemetry collector! Read more

Configuring OpenTelemetry in Python

Interested in the new open-source project OpenTelemetry? Check out this post on how to configure OpenTelemetry in a python application. Read more

Why API Monitoring is a Business Necessity

This article will discuss, API Monitoring, the definition of APIs and how they would affect your business if there is a failure, and how to protect APIs or your services. Read more

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