3 Ways to Reuse Twig Templates in Symfony

Twig, which is founded by Symfony, is a modern template engine for PHP. Twig template provides us many features like reusing Twig templates, output escaping, debugging templates, etc. Read more

8 Crucial Database Performance Metrics

Key database performance metrics are useful for keeping track of database performance and resources and optimizing them for your organization. Doing so enables you to create and maintain quality and high availability (HA) enterprise application infrastructure that reaps tangible results. Read more

Ractor: Ruby’s Version of the Actor Model

Ruby 3 introduces an experimental feature called Ractors (previously known as Guilds) which is set to fix all your concurrency woes. Read more

Set up a CI/CD Pipeline with Cloud-Native Tools

In this post, we will look at what CI/CD and cloud-native essentially mean. We will also explore several cloud-native tools that you can use to set up a fully automated CI/CD pipeline for your application. Read more

How Common Application Issues Kill Performance

As web applications scale and grow, several performance-limiting factors start coming into the picture and make things difficult. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common application performance issues, and try to understand why they happen, and how they can be tackled. Read more

Types in Ruby 3: New Features Explained

Ruby just got a new typing system - RBS. Just like you, we can’t wait to explore the wide range of possibilities that it brings. Read along as we dive deeper into one of the striking features of the latest update to the Ruby language. Read more

How to Identify and Debug Memory Bloat

With growing audiences and faster speed and data retrieval expectations, memory issues pose a huge threat to performance and can lead to huge losses in terms of customers and money. Therefore, it's important to build memory-efficient applications that ensure overall performance and customer experience. Read more

How (and Why) to Use Ruby Enumerators

Enumerators are present everywhere throughout the Ruby language, and with the addition of the Enumerator class in Ruby 1.9, enumerators have become all the more important. Read more

How To Detect and Prevent Memory Leaks

A memory leak is the gradual loss of available computer memory when a program (an application or part of the operating system) repeatedly fails to return memory that it has obtained for temporary use. Read more

The Top Features of Eloquent, Laravel’s ORM

Laravel Eloquent provides a very easy way to manage all development-related problems. It provides the freedom to write well-formatted, easy to read, sustainable, and well-documented code. With so many features it is one of the reasons behind Laravel’s success. Read more

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