Get Started with Python Error Reporting

This article explains how to get started with error monitoring of your python application, what are the important criteria you should consider while monitoring, and the difference between available tools and Scout APM for python error monitoring. Read more

Frontend Monitoring: Benefits and Best Practices

Frontend monitoring is a process of tracking and maintaining the health of an application’s client-side. It involves monitoring the availability, functionality, and performance of the client-side of an application. Learn more! Read more

Microservice Monitoring Tools + Best Practices

Microservices are one of the hottest app architectures in the current market. They easily solve some of the most common problems with monolithic and service-oriented architecture. Read more to learn tools and best practices for microservice monitoring! Read more

SPOTcon 2022 Recap

SPOTcon 2022 is an annual conference hosted by Scout APM that empowers developers with solutions that drive leading-edge transformation in application development and observability. This year’s event took place virtually and was an educational couple of days filled with insights into the current and future states of application monitoring and observability. Read more

What’s Up with Synthetic Monitoring?

If you are running a website or have an application, you have to ensure that the digital experience for your end-user is seamless. That's where synthetic monitoring comes in! Read more

Installing and Configuring the OpenTelemetry Collector

The scope of the OpenTelemetry project encompasses how telemetry data is collected, processed, and transmitted. The OpenTelemetry project is not involved with how the data is stored, displayed, or used beyond the collection and transmission phases. Read to learn about installing and configuring the OpenTelemetry collector! Read more

Configuring OpenTelemetry in Python

Interested in the new open-source project OpenTelemetry? Check out this post on how to configure OpenTelemetry in a python application. Read more

Business Application Monitoring: Why Your Company Needs APM

Learn why your company needs APM - an essential business application monitoring tool that helps combat stressful IT situations. Read more

8 Microservices Trends to Watch in 2022

The philosophy backing microservices’ style is that smaller applications work together by communicating with each other. Learn more about the latest trends in microservices architecture in 2022! Read more

Why API Monitoring is a Business Necessity

This article will discuss, API Monitoring, the definition of APIs and how they would affect your business if there is a failure, and how to protect APIs or your services. Read more

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