End-User Monitoring: How it Can Impact Your Business

If your business is an online one, it's critical to understand your application’s impact on its users. One of the best ways to monitor the behavior of your end users is end-user monitoring. In this article, we discuss how perfect end-user monitoring can help your business in many ways and how you can implement end-user monitoring in your application. Read more

SOA vs. Microservices: A Head-to-Head Comparison

This article walks you through the differences between SOA and Microservices architecture and suggests situations suitable for using either of them. Read more

How to Use the Delegate Method in Rails

What is Delegation and how do you properly use it in Ruby? This article will look at how delegation works and the various programming constructs that Ruby provides to facilitate easy and robust delegation. Read more

How Automated Application Monitoring Saves Time and Money

Whether developing software or testing it, almost every part of application lifecycle management is reliable on the human workforce. But some parts like monitoring, tracking, and alerting can be automated using some latest software. Learn more about how automated monitoring saves time and money! Read more

Azure vs. AWS vs. GCP: A Direct Comparison

There are many service providers for cloud computing in the market. However, three providers currently dominate the market: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this guide, we compare the three cloud providers with one another to help you make the best choice between them. Read more

The Case for Frontend Performance Monitoring

Monitoring is quite a vague term. It covers many aspects and holds unique value to every company more often than not. In general terms, app monitoring has two monitoring segments — front-end and back-end. Frontend monitoring deals with the performance of the visible parts of your application. Read more

Datadog vs. Splunk vs. Scout | How Do They Compare?

How do some of the top competitors in the monitoring market compare? This article compares things like usability, installation and more so you can pick the best tool for your application. Read more

New Relic vs. Appdynamics vs. Scout APM

New Relic and Appdynamics were the two most dominating APMs in the software industry some years back. But due to some lack of functionalities, customers have begun switching to different tools because now they have a perfect solution for their particular use case. Read more about how Scout compares to some top competitors! Read more

Express vs. Hapi: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Express and Hapi are frameworks based on Node.js, an open-source server environment that runs on various platforms, using JavaScript as the language of choice. Learn more about which framework is right for you! Read more

How to Find, Fix, and Prevent Node.js Memory Leaks

When your application starts to grow, one of the essential factors to consider while scaling is memory management. This blog post looks at what memory leaks are and how to avoid them in Node.js applications. Read more

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