Scout Puppet Module and PuppetConf

Just in time for PuppetConf 2013 , we've added an official Scout Puppet Module to Puppet Forge . Configuration instructions are right there in the Scout UI: We're also excited to be a sponsor for PuppetConf - if you'll be attending, drop us a note . We'd love to meetup ... Read more

Debugging request bottlenecks with realtime charts

Last week, one of our application servers died. We have four app servers, so in theory, the death of one app server shouldn't bring the entire platoon down. However, real-life had other plans: 95% of requests were handled fine, but around 5% were being dropped. Here's the story of how ... Read more

RailsConf 2013!

I’m sitting in the Denver Airport – in a couple of minutes, I’ll board the plane to RailsConf in Portland, Oregon. I’m already getting amped for Voodoo Donuts, Stumpdown Coffee, well-trimmed beards, and of-course, lots of Rails-related chats. I’m bringing a fresh load of Scout T-Shirts. These aren’t your normal ... Read more

Three weeks with roles: by the numbers

It's been three weeks since the launch of the largest feature enhancement in Scout's existence: roles. Haven't heard of roles? Nutshell: roles let you monitor many serves with fewer clicks and more joy . Roles were driven by your feedback and it's showing in the fast adoption numbers below. Time ... Read more

Notification Schedules and PagerDuty

Whenever we’re asked how to make on-call notification schedules for Scout alerts, we recommend PagerDuty . PagerDuty has invested a ton of time in building a dedicated notification scheduling service, and it’s a great complement to Scout. With our recent release of notification groups , Scout’s integration with PagerDuty got ... Read more

The reward of redundancy: time

It’s been a month since I started attaching torture devices disguised as boots to my feet, long wooden sticks to each torture device, and tumbling down mountains. Skiing has changed my outlook on winter. It’s a season to enjoy, not a time where I gaze wistfully out the window, hoping ... Read more

Our DIY Homepage Process

We recently decided it was time for a major update to the public side of Scout . We’d start with a more polished homepage. Since we’re both developers, the obvious next step seemed like hiring a designer. However, working with an outside designer isn’t a hire-and-forget experience: Good designers are ... Read more

Team BFF

Startup Lessions from CCP - EVE Online Style : Another great example was the formation of "Team Best Friends Forever" ("BFF"is an inside EVE joke). This team is a group of CCP developers whose sole mission is not to work on major features and improvements, but rather to fix ... Read more

Notifcation groups coming Jan 15th

On Jan 15th, all Scout accounts will be switched over to notification groups. Notification groups are designed to make notifiation management easier and more flexible: instead of managing notifications per-plugin/per-user, you will assign users to notification groups, and apply notification groups to triggers. you can have multiple PagerDuty integrations and ... Read more

The year at Scout - 2012 edition

If 2011 was the year of fine-tuning, 2012 was the year of major feature enhancements at Scout. Some stats on what’s been a fun year: Feature Highlights Realtime Charts – We started the year off with a bang, adding realtime capabilities to Scout’s charts. Pagerduty Integration – We made it ... Read more

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