Does team size impact app performance?

In 2014, CodeClimate published a blog post investigating the impact of team size on code quality . I was curious: are there correlations with app performance and team sizes as well? Determining if an app is well-performing is more subjective than the GPA-like results a code quality analysis provides. I'll ... Read more

We're sharing our roadmap

Years ago when we started Scout, we were vague on our roadmap. We recognized priorites and plans can shift and we didn't want that shifty-ness exposed. However, things have changed by 2017. All of us have a general understanding of this behavior: we see it everyday in the GitHub repos ... Read more

"Scout Does Things Right": Gigmit on using Scout

> Benjamin Knofe, CTO of Gigmit , sat down with us to share how they use Scout to improve their performance. What is Gigmit? Gigmit is a platform to connect music professionals to one another. Artists get opportunities to play gigs, shows, and festivals all over the world by showcasing ... Read more

The Dogs of Scout

If it isn't clear from our logo, or our offer to give you a puppy if you don't love Scout more than the competition , the Scout team loves dogs. Here are some of our favorite coding buddies: Dave's Dog: Bella Bella is my 10-year-old shepherd mix. I rescued her ... Read more

AcademicWorks' switch from New Relic to Scout

The engineering team at AcademicWorks , the leading provider of scholarship management solutions for public and private educational institutions, was frustrated. With over two million users and a datastore-heavy Rails app with hundreds of database instances, their ten-person development was feeling bogged down with the bloat of their existing application ... Read more

Thanksgiving Support

First, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. customers! We couldn't ask for a better group of folks to work with on an every-day basis. Second, our team will spending time with their family and friends tomorrow and Friday. We'll watch for urgent issues and will still be checking our ... Read more

App Monitoring: Stability, Stability, Stability ... and pricing.

We're officially in the Stability Phase™ of app monitoring: slamming our site with traffic, trying to break things, and adding resiliency for the spots that need it. Read on for an updated General Availability date, our planned stability improvements, and pricing information. General Availability GA is November 16th (GA will ... Read more

Learn about Go @ Scout: Denver Go Meetup Tomorrow

Go has become an increasing part of our stack at Scout. At tomorrow's Denver Gophers Meetup , we'll be delivering two short talks for the price of one: Dave will be talk about Native Ruby Extensions in Go . Lots of folks are using Ruby and Go together. We'll take ... Read more

AWS re:Invent Day Two

The Scout conference team in full force! From left to right: Derek Haynes, Dave Anderson, me, and Megan Strahm. Our three big takeaways from conversations on the expo floor today: Developers are psyched about an alternative to New Relic for SaaS application performance monitoring. There are lots of polyglot applications ... Read more

AWS re:Invent Opening Day

It was a great opening day at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Many, many developers and tech leaders coming by to see our vision of Next Generation Application Monitoring. If you're at the conference, come see us at booth 1130! Read more

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