StatsD. Build vs. Buy?

"Remember that time is money." A phrase used by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a young Tradesman, written by an old One . Sage advice - and even after all these years, still relevant! It's no surprise that we all look for tools that make our jobs easier, deliver value ... Read more

New Dog in the Scout Kennel

Please join us in welcoming Chris Schneider to the Scout team! We've had our eye on Chris for awhile now, and we couldn't be more excited about him joining the team. Nearly a Fort Collins native (rare around these parts), Chris joins us with over 15 years of development experience ... Read more

Hugging it Out @ Boulder DevOps w/StatsD

Last night, at DevOps Boulder, I presented the StatsD basics: key concepts, metric types & implementation strategies - and dug a little deeper. My mission was to talk about StatsD and how it made me a better developer by giving me a simple, repeatable tool that I could use to ... Read more

DevOpsDays Minneapolis

Some of the best things about summer are BBQ, baseball and roadtrips. As part of my summer celebration, I'm hitting the open road and heading up to Minneapolis, MN for DevOpsDays MSP. DevOpsDays MSP is a 2 day event on July 8th & 9th in downtown Minneapolis. This is their ... Read more

Docker ETP Program

Our friends at Docker today announced that we are part of their new ETP (Ecosystem Technology Partner) program. We couldn't be more excited! Docker has done a great job of creating an API that allows anybody to track performance metrics, container events and metadata about their containers. What we've done ... Read more


Last week, I spent Thursday (4/23/15) and Friday (4/24/15) at DevOpsDaysRox . If you've never attended a DevOpsDays events - find your closest one here and signup now. So what makes DevOps Day special? First, you'll find an active community that prides itself on inclusion and making everyone feel welcome. ... Read more

"Monitoring", "Sparkly DevOps Princess", "StatsD" ....BINGO!

The 2015 Conference Season is upon us and we couldn't be more excited. The first one of the year for us is right in our backyard - DevOpsDaysDenver . We're hoping to meet a lot of customers - and have a little fun. In talking with the event organizers, they ... Read more

Twilio for SMS

Scout has long offered email-to-SMS alert delivery for free. Free is good, but there are a couple downsides: email-to-SMS doesn't work some places outside the US . Some foreign carriers don't enable it by default, and in some countries email-to-SMS just doesn't work well. with email-to-SMS, texts don't always come ... Read more

The year at Scout - 2014 edition

2014 was a year of major updates to Scout. Some stats on what's been a fun year: Product Highlights Scout Realtime - In January , we released our open-source standalone realtime monitoring agent. Scout Realtime was the second most popular repository on Github during its release week (trailing Popcorn - ... Read more

Another round of updates for the new dashboard+charts UI

Dashboards have exited beta - see our launch post for the details. Thanks for your feedback on the first preview of our new charts UI. You spoke, we listened, we coded: Resize + drag-and-drop your charts. Total control over how you view your key metrics. Chart-specific settings to toggle either ... Read more

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