Meet Scout's new transaction timeline view

Today we're happy to announce that our transaction timeline view has exited BETA and is now available for all Ruby apps monitored by Scout. Read more

Monitorama 2019 - Portland, Oregon

Talks from industry experts and community leaders discuss the newest approaches in monitoring and observability. Find out which tools and techniques are in use at some of the largest web architectures in the world. Read more

Scout APM Goes to PyCon 2019, The Cleveland Edition!

This past week some of the Scout team had the opportunity to hang out at PyCon USA in Cleveland. This was the first time the Scout APM team had attended PyCon and it was great to spend some time with an awesome swath of Python developers. Read more

PyCon 2019 - Scout brings APM for Python

The 2019 edition of PyCon USA takes place over the next few days in Cleveland, Ohio - and Scout is delighted to be there, sharing our APM tool with the Python community. Read more

Scout APM at RubyKaigi 2019

Two weeks ago, the Scout team flew out to Japan to attend and sponsor RubyKaigi 2019 . Ruby has a special place in Japanese developers’ hearts and RubyKaigi is arguably the most important Ruby event in the world--the creator of Ruby, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, is Japanese! Japan also has the ... Read more

Ditch the Relic in Hakuba

Last week we were delighted to host Ditch the Relic Hakuba. We combined foreign lands, foreign friends and a mission to make developer lives’ easier--and produced an amazing output of features, perspectives, and photos… starting with: Read more

Quick blog post about throughput sparkline feature

We've had sparkline charts of response time for a long time on our Endpoints tab, and now have extended them to the throughput column as well. Quickly isolate endpoints that are spiking with traffic, and drill down into them to diagnose. No need to hunt to see what's causing an unusual trend in traffic. Read more

11 Awesome Elixir Jobs for 2019 (and some incredible perks)

Elixir has Arrived Elixir is a programming language that is beginning to gather steam. Originally released in 2011, it is a functional and dynamic language, and runs on the Erlang VM (Virtual Machine). Elixir is highly scalable and fault tolerant. In other words, Elixir is perfect for today's software landscape of microservices and cloud computing. Read more

Scout Visits Cookpad in Japan

The Tokyo Scout team attended Rails Tokyo #37 , a Rails focused get-together that is open to any Rails topic. It was hosted at the Cookpad office in Tokyo, which has some of the best Rails engineers in Japan. In this large open area there were tables, a screen for ... Read more

5 traits of teams that make on-call less terrible for developers

Over the past two weeks, there's been considerable discussion on whether developers should be on-call. I understand the frustration of the anti on-call party. If you go to school to be a doctor, you know that being on-call is likely in your future. You didn't know that being on-call would ... Read more

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