Docker: Git for deployment

I've been hearing how Docker is the new awesome, but it didn't click for me until I dug in with a practical question: if we deployed Scout via Docker, would deployment be a more pleasurable experience? My three takeaways are below. Finally, an efficient way to simulate our production environment ... Read more

Understanding CPU Steal Time - when should you be worried?

A big thanks to Eric Lindvall of Papertrail for adding steal time to Scout's CPU Usage Plugin and helping out on this blog post! Netflix tracks CPU Steal Time closely. In fact, if steal time exceeds their chosen threshold, they shut down the virtual machine and restart on a different ... Read more

RVM, Bundler and Cron in Production: Round 2

Back in 2010 , we suggested using /bin/bash -l -c to run scout via Cron when using RVM . However, this was a brute approach: /bin/bash -l -c tells bash to behave as a login, interactive process. However, as Daniel Szmulewicz elequently stated in the comments for the original blog ... Read more

Scout Alerts in Campfire via Hubot

Want to get Scout alerts piped into your Campfire room? You can, thanks to Scout user Gavin Stark’s Hubot script for Scout. Gavin describes the advantages for his team at Real Digital Media: Our support staff can now see the alerts from Scout as a team. We combine this with ... Read more

Real Time Infographic

It’s been a little over a week since we rolled out real-time monitoring . Some people think it’s pretty cool . To commemorate one week of real time, our art department put together a basic infographic on its usage. You’re spending more time watching lines move on the screen than ... Read more

Monitoring Apache ZooKeeper

With over 50 million plays, OMGPOP – the free multiplayer game site – is logging a lot of data. Tracking stats like app downloads and launches paint a picture of how their games are performing. This logging data is collected via Flume , a system for collecting streaming data, and ... Read more

Don't want your server named after hostname?

If you’re using Scout’s cloud server functionality , you know that new server instances in Scout are named after the machine’s hostname. In some cases, the hostname isn’t that useful (especially if your servers are on EC2 ). Now, you can specify a name for the server from the Scout ... Read more

API Blank Slate

A couple of years ago I went to Argentina. I don’t speak Spanish. This meant a lot of the basic conversations I’d have with locals were frequently interrupted by me paging through a translation guide. I felt very disconnected: basic exchanges were cumbersome. When I work with an API for ... Read more

The Short and Sweet SSL How-to

Got a site you need to serve up via SSL ? Here are your Cliffs notes. This assumes 1) your site already runs without SSL ; 2) you’re using Apache and Ubuntu; 3) you don’t want any browser warnings, so no self-signed certificates. 1. Generate a Private Key $ openssl ... Read more

3 Developer-Centric Takeaways from Ben Franklin

Before a recent plane trip, I checked out the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin from the library. Franklin might have the greatest list of accomplishments in American history. I was curious to learn how he did it. Three developer-centric takeaways: The Socratic Method Like developers, Franklin loved a spirited debate. In ... Read more

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