Types in Ruby 3: New Features Explained

Ruby just got a new typing system - RBS. Just like you, we can’t wait to explore the wide range of possibilities that it brings. Read along as we dive deeper into one of the striking features of the latest update to the Ruby language. Read more

How to Identify and Debug Memory Bloat

With growing audiences and faster speed and data retrieval expectations, memory issues pose a huge threat to performance and can lead to huge losses in terms of customers and money. Therefore, it's important to build memory-efficient applications that ensure overall performance and customer experience. Read more

How (and Why) to Use Ruby Enumerators

Enumerators are present everywhere throughout the Ruby language, and with the addition of the Enumerator class in Ruby 1.9, enumerators have become all the more important. Read more

How To Detect and Prevent Memory Leaks

A memory leak is the gradual loss of available computer memory when a program (an application or part of the operating system) repeatedly fails to return memory that it has obtained for temporary use. Read more

The Top Features of Eloquent, Laravel’s ORM

Laravel Eloquent provides a very easy way to manage all development-related problems. It provides the freedom to write well-formatted, easy to read, sustainable, and well-documented code. With so many features it is one of the reasons behind Laravel’s success. Read more

Setting Up TailwindCSS on Laravel

Tailwind is a modern CSS framework. It is a utility-first-based framework and provides you with a unique set of utility classes which makes the development process very easy and results in making a unique design. Read more

A Guide to Using Nested Routes in Ruby

A guide detailing how Ruby simplifies the system of creating and managing routes and resources. Read more

A Primer on Ruby Yield and Blocks

A look at how blocks and yield help make life easier for Ruby developers. We will also go through other Ruby keywords and concepts that are connected to blocks and understand how everything works together. Read more

Latest Ruby Versions Updated in Real Time

Ruby 3 is set to turn a lot of heads with huge improvements in performance, memory management, static analysis, and coding standards, as well as the introduction of features like Ractors, automatic schedulers, unified typing, and so on. Read more

Python Memory Management: The Essential Guide

Python's memory management involves a private heap that is used to store your program’s objects and data structures. Read more

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