Removing deadweight - cleaning up our Rails app

Every man has their breaking point when it comes to deadweight code. Andre and I hit ours recently and decided to spend all of last week focusing soley on cleaning up Scout (a Rails app). Our goals: Faster tests – our tests took 8 minutes to complete. While it’s the ... Read more

One change that lowered our DB I/O by 80%

When a server reports data to Scout , a small bit of data is updated in a MySQL MyISAM table. Each of these updates doesn’t change much data: UPDATE `plugins` SET `last_reported_at` = '2010-11-17 19:53:00' WHERE `id` = 999999 I assumed that only the updated data was written to disk. ... Read more

Production Rails Tuning with Passenger: PassengerMaxProcesses

Our co-author today is Jesse Newland , CTO of RailsMachine . Jesse keeps RailsMachine customers up and running and troubleshoots their toughest problems. We’re pleased to have him share some of his expertise on Phusion Passenger tuning. Say your Rails application is running in production and it’s getting good traffic. ... Read more

Solving the random Rails performance problem

Last week I uncovered a tricky performance problem on Scout I wanted to share. In seemingly random fashion, when accessing my account home page, the render time was 5-6 seconds – way too slow. Other times, the render time would be far less than a second. Here’s what I did ... Read more

A simple Rails performance tuning workflow

I really like Dan Mange’s workflow for Rails performance tuning : Use curl for benchmarking. It’s good enough (and damn simple). Use the ruby-prof gem along with an optional request parameter so you can profile any action, any time. Dan also does a solid job explaining CPU time and what ... Read more

4 Simple Steps to Detect & Fix Slow Rails Requests

2016 UPDATE : We’ve released Scout App Monitoring , which automates these steps for you. In Blink , Malcom Gladwell’s book on split-second decisions, Gladwell tells the story of how the Emergency Department at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital changed their process for diagnosing chest pain. Dr. Brendan Reilly instituted a ... Read more

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