Scout is going to AWS re:Invent!

Find us in Booth #1130 at AWS re:Invent. Be sure to stop in - meet the team, and rub Dave's head for good luck! Schedule a Meeting with a Scout Founder Derek (CEO) and Andre (CTO) would love to meet with you in Vegas. Contact me and I'll schedule a ... Read more

StackProf: The Holy Grail of Rails Profiling

Our Stackprof-inspired profiler, ScoutProf, is now in BETA. See our docs to get started. The holy grail of performance profiling is finding a tool that's safe to run in production. A tool that identifies slow code as it works "in the wild". Profiling code locally is never as good as ... Read more

Monitoring InfluxDB with Scout

We're using InfluxDB in our new app monitoring service . While InfluxDB hasn't reached 1.0 yet, it has loads of potential and has been holding up well during our BETA period. Don't worry, we'll talk more about InfluxDB in coming posts. So, how are monitoring InfluxDB performance? Here's how we ... Read more

Introducing easy StatsD with Scout

The easiest way to unleash StatsD. One agent. Minimal overhead. Robust language support. A unified monitoring solution for your servers and metrics. We've added StatsD support to our monitoring agent. With Scout, you are just minutes away from StatsD-backed charts and alerts. Use StatsD to report code execution times, user ... Read more

The making of app monitoring: the health dashboard

We're battle-scarred devs building the focused app monitoring service we've always wanted. We're blogging about the adventure below. Customers telling me our app is slow? I'm looking at a response time graph. On the front page of Hacker News? I'm looking at requests per-second and response time on a graph. ... Read more

Reversing the GoDaddy-ification of application monitoring

Scout is an "oops" company. We didn't build our product with the intention of turning it into a company, but we certainly can't imagine life without it today. Scout was started out of frustration . The prospect of setting up and using a Nagios-like server monitoring solution was so terrifying, ... Read more

StatsD update to docker-scout

We've all been exploring Docker lately, and back in March, we published Monitoring Docker with docker-scout with how to get started with Scout and Docker. Today, we are excited to announce that we updated this container to include StatsD. Just like in our previous post, Rails App Monitoring (APM) with ... Read more

Rails App Monitoring (APM) with StatsD

Application monitoring doesn't have to be complicated. Introducing scout_statsd_rack , a drop-in Ruby gem for monitoring key performance metrics in your Rails app. scout_statsd_rack leverages StatsD for lightweight Rails app monitoring via Rack middleware. Lets see how fast we can go from no monitoring to a Rails performance dashboard plus ... Read more

Meet Mark Morris, Scout's New Team Member

Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? Hi. My name is Mark Morris, and I just joined the Scout team as the new Dev Evangelist. Whoa. I already like Scout, I don't need to be preached to. In my first two weeks, I've already had the chance to talk with some ... Read more

Monitoring Docker with docker-scout

When it comes to agent-based monitoring and Docker , you're typically choosing between two bad options: (1) install the agent and its dependencies directly on the host or (2) running an agent in every container. Installing the agent on the host is bad : Docker is best when everything is ... Read more

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