Getting down with Stackprof: how we added N+1 query detection to Scout

Let's get the confusing part out of the way: we're going to get a little "meta". This post is about using one performance tool (Stackprof) to improve another performance tool (Scout's Rails Agent) so Scout can diagnose a common performance pitfall (N+1 queries). Did I just put "performance" in a ... Read more

Monitoring Sidekiq Jobs

Teaser for a soon-to-be released capability: Overview metrics for all your background jobs Chart throughput, latency, error rate, and more. Detailed drill-down on slow jobs See what's making the job slow, identify N+1 queries, and more. Tech preview - want in? Background job monitoring currently supports sidekiq, and is tech ... Read more

Now with Redis Instrumentation

Among our customers, Redis is the single most popular database . It's a terrific compliment to any of the relational database systems out there, so it finds a way into a lot of apps. We've added Redis instrumentation to our scout_apm gem - to upgrade: bundle update scout_apm PS - ... Read more

Overhead Benchmarks: New Relic vs. Scout

High monitoring overhead is a silent killer : your app's requests take longer, throughput capacity shrinks, end users requests start stacking up in a request queue, you react by provisioning more servers, and finally, more servers == more $$$. So how does Scout's overhead compare with the competition? To find ... Read more

State of the 2016 Rails Stack

What's a Rails stacks look like in the wild these days? Most popular Rails version? Most popular Ruby? Is Delayed Job still hanging on? If you're curious about the above, you've come to the right place. We collect gems used on the apps we monitor at Scout to assist with ... Read more

NEW! Request queuing and middleware instrumentation

Metrics for Christmas everyone! Get your metrics! We've added more metrics to Scout App Monitoring . These metrics will give you even greater visibility into the full request cycle of your Rails app: Request Queuing - judging if you have enough capacity to serve all your traffic is one of ... Read more

Pillars of the Rails Monitoring Stack: 2020 Edition

Here's a behind-the-scenes rundown of how we ensure our apps are in peak condition in 2020 Read more

App Monitoring for the Modern Dev Team

How we're building apps as developers is changing. Fast . The breadth of our responsibility is decreasing (yeah), yet the complexity of our code is increasing (meh). We've just launched our app monitoring service for the modern development era. We think it will dramatically change how you make your web ... Read more

Git-integrated app monitoring

Tracking down slow code is about to get a lot faster. We're excited to debut our Github Integration for Scout Application Monitoring: With the Github Integration enabled, instead of seeing backtraces for slow method calls (>= 500 ms), you'll see the relevant code in our UI. This goes beyond the ... Read more

From a spike in response time to a Git blame: our improved path to slow code

Before Scout, we used several app monitoring services. One of my biggest frustrations: I never found a way to select a spike in response time from an overview chart and view what's slow during that period. Those spikes are begging to be clicked. We wanted to make that happen. Introducing ... Read more

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