How to Retry in Ruby Apps

Ruby shines by providing several control flow keywords to make it easier for developers to have more freedom and flexibility over their program. In this post, we'll look at three helpful Ruby concepts that allow developers to write cleaner, more effective code. Read more

8 Dynatrace Alternatives to Consider in 2021

This article discusses Dynatrace and the alternative APM tools so that you can have an overview of the solutions available to help you decide which is best for your needs. Read more

Getting Started with Docker: A Tutorial

This is a Docker tutorial, providing instructions from its installation to a quick overview of its essential components to covering all the basic commands, running existing images, and building your own ones for serving web pages, we will cover everything. Read more

Logging and Monitoring: A Match Made in Software Heaven

While logging has numerous benefits, there’s a lot that your infrastructure could be missing out on until it’s combined with a monitoring tool. Monitoring alone isn’t the solution either; it is the complementary nature of logging and monitoring where the magic lies. Learn more in our blog! Read more

What is Agile Methodology and How Does it Work?

Many organizations use the agile methodology to design, deploy and manage large amounts of code and software every day. This article will discuss how it came into existence, and why it became a widely sought-after and appreciated method for software development. Read more

A Comprehensive Cloud Migration Checklist

The migration process from on-premise to cloud infrastructure is a humongous task, and customers usually require a checklist to achieve it. Here is our list for helping your on-premises infrastructure take off to the cloud. Read more

What is SDLC? An Intro to the Software Development Lifecycle

SDLC stands for Software Development Lifecycle and is a methodology that defines various strategies and steps for building high-quality software most efficiently. Read more

What is Prometheus? The Essential Guide

Prometheus is an open-source and metrics-based tool to monitor highly dynamic container environments like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. Learn how Prometheus can benefit your business! Read more

Premature Optimization: Root of All Evil or Rationalization?

Premature optimization refers to the process of making a piece of code more efficient when it is too soon to guarantee an optimization. Learn about the term in detail, ways to avoid it, and how to not skip out necessary optimization in the name of early efforts. Read more

How to Optimize Docker Performance

Docker containers have revolutionized the cloud industry. This guide will cover different methods of optimizing Docker performance and answer some frequently asked questions about the technology. Read more

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