Your Rails & Elixir performance metrics 📈 inside Chrome Dev Tools

Browser development tools - like Chrome Dev Tools - are vital for debugging client-side performance issues. However, server-side performance metrics have been outside the browser's reach. That changes with the Server Timing API . Supported by Chrome 65+, Firefox 59+, and more browsers, the Server Timing API defines a spec ... Read more

Scout's top-secret 4-point observability plan

Observability: the degree to which you can ask new questions of your system without having to ship new code or gather new data. Above is my slightly modified definition of observability, mostly stolen from Charity Majors in Observability: A Manifesto . Observability is increasingly important . Modern apps and services ... Read more

Rollbar+Scout: a legit New Relic alternative

The New Relic price tag goes up dramatically as your server footprint grows. This might not be an issue if you are utilizing New Relic's full product suite, but what if you just care about error and performance monitoring? In that case, there's a solution that offers richer features as ... Read more

Scout <> Rollbar Integration: unifying your stability metrics 🚀

When things are going wrong, the more signals you can view from one screen, the better. Today, we're excited to announce an integration with Rollbar . This brings Rollbar's best-of-breed error monitoring into Scout's performance-focused UI , creating a single source for your stability metrics: We display active Rollbar items ... Read more

What we shipped in 2017

In 2017, we focused our engineering time on reducing the painful, time-consuming investigation workflow that comes with fixing performance issues. We think that approach is working: we're now analyzing billions of web requests and background jobs every day. Here's some of the highlights from 2017: Database Monitoring The database is ... Read more

Real User Monitoring with Raygun

Most of a web page's load time is on the front-end. You can monitor the performance of the end-to-end page load time with a Real User Monitoring (RUM) service, and one of the more attractive ones is Raygun Pulse . Let's take a deep dive. Installing Raygun Pulse Installing Pulse ... Read more

Python Application Monitoring: comparing New Relic and Opbeat

App Overview Below is the initial page you see when checking on the health of your Python app: The contrast in breadth is clear when looking at the app overview page. New Relic has a denser display while Opbeat has a clean, polished look. Some thoughts: The overview chart - ... Read more

Introducing the Scout database monitoring addon

Perhaps the most significant performance problem spot in web apps is the database. In apps monitored by Scout, database queries account for nearly a third of the time spent in the average Rails web request. Just as important, the more time an app spends in the database, the more volatile ... Read more

A 5-point Rails app performance audit

Performance in almost all web apps - including Rails - follows an 80/20 rule: most of your performance problems will be contained within a small amount of the application code. Read more

DataDog vs. Scout: which is right for you?

You're probably confused where DataDog and Scout overlap. You're not alone! They've each offered similar products since their inception, and come on, they both have dogs in their logos! Here's a timeline to clear things up: Both Scout (2009) and DataDog (2010) started around the same time and focused on ... Read more

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