Program Outages: Why That Won't Happen With Scout

Find out why Scout is the best choice for your APM needs, and how our software was designed to prevent program outages. Read more

Understanding N+1 Database Queries

Identifying, mitigating, and solving scaleable N+1 database queries in Ruby on Rails. Read more

Optimize Trace Memory with Scout

Want to learn how to optimize trace memory? And the difference between APM tracing and observability tracing? Learn more with Scout APM Read more

New Relic Alternative for Python

The most powerful language is python. It offers every attribute an object-oriented programming language has to offer. Let's evaluate how Scout stacks up against New Relic. Read more

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA): Principles, Benefits, and Implementation

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a style of software design where services are provided to the other components by application components, through a communication protocol over a network. The basic principles of SOA Read more

Current DevOps Problems & How Scout APM Solves Them

Do you find it difficult to keep up with how DevOps is developing? DevOps issues are addressed along with how APM can assist in this blog. Read more

How to Reduce the Costs of Downtime

When it comes to web development, downtime is not an option. If your site goes down, it's not just costing you potential customers - it's costing your team money. Read about how to reduce these costs. Read more

What is Cloud Application Performance Monitoring?

Looking to unify cloud data and metrics? With Cloud APM Monitoring services you can make sure you have control over all of your cloud. Read more

Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Evaluating & Purchasing APM Software

Since buying an APM tool is not something that you'd do routinely, you should pay extra attention to do everything that can guide you in choosing the best tool for your use case. Read more

External Services Monitoring for Python

Learn how external monitoring for python can help capture and visualize data from an application's execution. Read more

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