Introducing GitHub-enhanced Deploy Tracking

We're happy to introduce a lightweight addition to Scout: GitHub-enhanced deploy tracking . ​Deploy tracking makes it easy to correlate deploys to your app's performance. Scout's deploy tracking goes beyond chart markers: enable our GitHub integration to see which branch or tag was deployed, the team members that contributed, and ... Read more

DevTrace and the Art of Staying the F*** Out of the Way

DevTrace is a performance widget for your Rails applications in development. It sits unobtrusively in the corner of your page, just waiting to drop insight on your application: See stack traces, SQL timings, and more with just a click! This kind of insight is powerful. You can see how your ... Read more

How we're turbo-charging our traces with ScoutProf

The transaction trace is application monitoring . If you can't track a performance problem to a line-of-code, you aren't app monitoring. However, there's a gaping hole in the quality of transaction traces today. We've been instrumenting the quality of our traces since our launch, and noticed that 46% of the ... Read more

Know of an open-source Rails app in need of some performance love?

We've just released the BETA version of our new Ruby Profiler (Stackprof-inspired, but hopefully more readable). To really give it a go, we're looking for some open-source Rails apps that are need some performance love. If you know of - or our a contributor to - an open-source Rails app ... Read more

New Release: Memory Bloat Detection

When your app is experiencing memory bloat - a sharp increase in memory usage due to the allocation of many objects - it's a particularly stressful firefight. Slow performance is one thing. Exhausting all of the memory on your host? That can bring your application down. Memory bloat is a ... Read more

Faster PostgreSQL Searches with Trigrams

There's nothing quite like having a "tool-belt" full of tricks for getting the most performance out of your Rails app. This week, Rails Postgres Guru Greg Navis shares another powerful tip. A few months ago, I was working on a project that had about 100,000 users. Each user could have ... Read more

A Six-Pronged Rails Performance Philosophy

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."• Benjamin Franklin Application performance problems can be annoying. With luck, you'll spend an hour or two resolving the problem and get back to your real job: building things. But what happens when the issues start piling up? What happens ... Read more

Product Update: enhanced zoom, 95th percentiles, trace diffs, and more.

Today we're excited to announce the release of our latest Ruby on Rails monitoring agent and a major UI update. This release continues our focus on quickly revealing your path to a faster, more reliable Rails app. Enhanced zoom Determining how to make your Rails app faster often involves investigating ... Read more

3 pleasantly surprising PostgreSQL Indexing tricks

Most Rails engineers know the basics of database performance. They know that if a query is slow, an index may be the solution. Some know the trade-offs between having and not having an index. Or why an index on a low-cardinality column might not help. But everyone is surprised when ... Read more

Rails Performance and the root of all evil

Donald Knuth wrote an often quoted paper in the 70s which is still referenced when talking about performance in web apps today. Premature optimization is the root of all evil. In my line of work, it is sometimes invoked as a sort of apology; an excuse for why more time ... Read more

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