6 Popular End User Monitoring Tools in 2021

Monitoring customer behaviors helps you analyze your application and improve it. In that way, it directly improves your business. End-User monitoring tools analyze how your application deployment and delivery affect your user experience. Read more

Frontend Monitoring: Benefits and Best Practices

Frontend monitoring is a process of tracking and maintaining the health of an application’s client-side. It involves monitoring the availability, functionality, and performance of the client-side of an application. Learn more! Read more

Microservice Monitoring Tools + Best Practices

Microservices are one of the hottest app architectures in the current market. They easily solve some of the most common problems with monolithic and service-oriented architecture. Read more to learn tools and best practices for microservice monitoring! Read more

What’s Up with Synthetic Monitoring?

If you are running a website or have an application, you have to ensure that the digital experience for your end-user is seamless. That's where synthetic monitoring comes in! Read more

Business Application Monitoring: Why Your Company Needs APM

Learn why your company needs APM - an essential business application monitoring tool that helps combat stressful IT situations. Read more

Application Performance Monitoring vs Application Performance Observability

There’s a fundamental change taking place in the Monitoring space, and Observability is behind it. Observability itself is a broad topic, so in this post we’ll talk about what it means to move from Application Performance Monitoring to Application Performance Observability. Read more

OpenTelemetry Collector - What Is It?

The OpenTelemetry collector is optional when using a SaaS service like Scout. Even so, knowing what the Collector can do and when to use it is helpful to understand. Click to learn more! Read more

Top Infrastructure Monitoring Tools and Best Practices

What is infrastructure monitoring and why does it matter for businesses now more than ever before? This guide will walk you through the fundamental advantages that infrastructure monitoring offers to companies and dissect the various infrastructure monitoring components to help you better understand how you can make the best of it. Read more

Instrumentation: Measuring Application Performance at the Code Level

In this article, we will talk about how Instrumentation can help in monitoring in the best possible way, the best approaches for instrumentation, and finally, the best tools for doing instrumentation. Check it out! Read more

Serverless Architecture: Pros, Cons, and Examples

Serverless Computing, or simply serverless, is a hot topic in the current software market. This article will look at serverless architecture and understand how it compares against the traditional server-oriented approach! Read more

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