Splunk vs. Dynatrace vs. Scout

You need to choose the perfect monitoring solution that gives you complete visibility over your application’s aspects. To help you in your hunt, we have compared three popular monitoring platforms in this article—Splunk, Dynatrace, and Scout. Read more

Datadog vs. Dynatrace vs. Scout

An APM tool is essential for a successful application. Check out this comparison of three top tools in the market so you choose the right one for your business! Read more

6 Rollbar Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Not every error monitoring tool is right for your business. If you've tried Rollbar and it didn't work for you, check out these 6 market leaders in error monitoring that are great alternatives. Read more

New Relic vs. Sentry vs. Scout

Finding and fixing errors and performance issues can take valuable time away from the development team, preventing them from being able to build new features for their applications. Read more

A Look at the 10 Best Error Monitoring Tools in 2021

Error monitoring tools make developing applications so much easier and save a development team hours on finding errors. Check out this list of the 10 tools to look at in 2021! Read more

6 Bugsnag Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Building a flawless and error-free application is next to impossible, which is why error monitoring tools like Bugsnag are so popular! Not every tool is right for everyone, so check out this list of 6 alternatives to Bugsnag to consider in 2021. Read more

5 hard-earned lessons from a decade of Rails performance work

The last 3,650 days of my professional life have been focused on making Rails apps faster. Below are five lessons I've learned the hard way. 1. Facts alone won't convince the business folk to care about performance The typical pitch to prioritize making an app faster & more reliable goes ... Read more

The 7 Application Performance Metrics You Need to Measure and Why

Understanding what your application performance metrics mean both independently and together is key in effectively using your APM system. Read more

Database Monitoring and Performance

A large part of application performance monitoring relates to keeping an eye on database performance to ensure that our SQL queries are as efficient as possible. Scout features a Database Addon module with this in mind, and in this video we are going to take a closer look at what it has to offer. Read more

Django and the N+1 Queries Problem

The N+1 Queries Problem is a perennial database performance issue. It affects many ORM’s and custom SQL code, and Django’s ORM is not immune either. In this post, we’ll examine what the N+1 Queries Problem looks like in Django, some tools for fixing it, and most importantly some tools for ... Read more

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