Is your Django app slow? Think like a data scientist, not an engineer

I'm an engineer by trade. I rely on intuition when investigating a slow Django app. I've solved a lot of performance issues over the years and the short cuts my brain takes often work. However, intuition can fail. It can fail hard in complex Django apps with many layers (ex: ... Read more

Google Colab+Prophet+Scout = Easy Web Traffic Forecasts

Forecasting traffic to your web app is important for capacity planning, but generating a seasonally accurate model of your traffic is pretty daunting. If you under-forecast: Your app servers may become oversaturated, and requests will start backing up in a queue. If many requests are database-heavy, your database load may ... Read more

Chatting, Coding, and Application Performance Monitoring with Fast JSON:API

It was a great night of chatting, coding, and application performance monitoring in Tokyo. Thanks to everyone who came out to hear our very own Naohiro present about Fast JSON:API. How does Fast JSON:API compare to other Active Model Serializers? Naohiro showed us how he switched from Jbuilder to Fast ... Read more

Scout APM now supports Python 2.7!

We launched our Python agent a few months ago, supporting Python 3.4+. Read more

Monitor a Django app with Scout

In this post, I'll show how to setup Scout to monitor the performance of SQL queries, external HTTP calls, template rendering, and more in Wagtail , a Django CMS app. Wagtail is a fast, modern opensource content management system built on Django. Used at NASA, Google, MIT, and more, it's ... Read more

Monitoring Django apps on Heroku

I don't know of an easier way to deploy a Django app than letting Heroku do the work. That said, how do you stay on top of your app's performance, errors, and stability post-launch? Running an app on Heroku is a blissful experience, but it presents some monitoring challenges that ... Read more

Finding and fixing N+1 queries in Django apps

The Django ORM makes it easy to fetch data, but there's a downside: it's easy to write inefficient queries as the number of records in your database grows. One area where the ease of writing queries can bite is you is with N+1 queries ( Rails N+1 queries can kill ... Read more

Your Rails & Elixir performance metrics 📈 inside Chrome Dev Tools

Browser development tools - like Chrome Dev Tools - are vital for debugging client-side performance issues. However, server-side performance metrics have been outside the browser's reach. That changes with the Server Timing API . Supported by Chrome 65+, Firefox 59+, and more browsers, the Server Timing API defines a spec ... Read more

Scout's top-secret 4-point observability plan

Observability: the degree to which you can ask new questions of your system without having to ship new code or gather new data. Above is my slightly modified definition of observability, mostly stolen from Charity Majors in Observability: A Manifesto . Observability is increasingly important . Modern apps and services ... Read more

Rollbar+Scout: a legit New Relic alternative

The New Relic price tag goes up dramatically as your server footprint grows. This might not be an issue if you are utilizing New Relic's full product suite, but what if you just care about error and performance monitoring? In that case, there's a solution that offers richer features as ... Read more

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