Stackify vs. New Relic vs. Scout | APM Tool Comparison

There are a lot of monitoring tools on the market to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for your business? Check out this comparison of 3 top tools on the market: Stackify, New Relic and Scout. Read more

How Automated Application Monitoring Saves Time and Money

Whether developing software or testing it, almost every part of application lifecycle management is reliable on the human workforce. But some parts like monitoring, tracking, and alerting can be automated using some latest software. Learn more about how automated monitoring saves time and money! Read more

The Case for Frontend Performance Monitoring

Monitoring is quite a vague term. It covers many aspects and holds unique value to every company more often than not. In general terms, app monitoring has two monitoring segments — front-end and back-end. Frontend monitoring deals with the performance of the visible parts of your application. Read more

Datadog vs. Splunk vs. Scout | How Do They Compare?

How do some of the top competitors in the monitoring market compare? This article compares things like usability, installation and more so you can pick the best tool for your application. Read more

6 Alternatives to Sentry Error Monitoring

Sentry is an error-handling tool that focuses on crashes and logging, but it's not the right tool for everyone. Check out these 6 alternatives to Sentry to consider for monitoring your application. Read more

New Relic vs. Appdynamics vs. Scout APM

New Relic and Appdynamics were the two most dominating APMs in the software industry some years back. But due to some lack of functionalities, customers have begun switching to different tools because now they have a perfect solution for their particular use case. Read more about how Scout compares to some top competitors! Read more

What is External Services Monitoring, and Why is it Important?

Learn why now, more than ever, external service monitoring is an instrumental component of your chosen APM tool. Read more

Splunk vs. Dynatrace vs. Scout

You need to choose the perfect monitoring solution that gives you complete visibility over your application’s aspects. To help you in your hunt, we have compared three popular monitoring platforms in this article—Splunk, Dynatrace, and Scout. Read more

Datadog vs. Dynatrace vs. Scout

An APM tool is essential for a successful application. Check out this comparison of three top tools in the market so you choose the right one for your business! Read more

6 Rollbar Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Not every error monitoring tool is right for your business. If you've tried Rollbar and it didn't work for you, check out these 6 market leaders in error monitoring that are great alternatives. Read more

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